A New Twitter Trend: The Move to Mobile

The trend in the past decade has been one towards heavy use of smartphones.  This movement is heavily propagated by the millennial generation. Due to this fact, many of the top social media companies are focusing their attention on mobile devices and mobile ads.

Not immune to this trend is Twitter, and according to a post by eMarketer, “this year…digital ad revenues at the company will increase 13.2% to $2.26 billion, of which $2.00 billion will come from mobile placements.”

214321                                             (Source: eMarketer.com)

The graphic above represents the growing movement towards using Twitter on mobile.  With this information, it is no surprise that Twitter has begun to focus digital ads on mobile.  Seeing this, it should be obvious to other firms that it is time to make a move towards mobile as well.

This all comes at a time when Twitter has been struggling to compete with the other social networks out there.  Currently, Twitter is used by 16.1% of the US population and about 3.9% of the world population (eMarketer.com).  So creating new, enticing methods of attracting users is at the forefront of Twitter’s strategy, and it may start with the right step towards the mobile platform. Click the graphic above to read the full article from eMarketer.



Marketing by Millennials: Why Social Media is so Important

Millennials have grown up in a time of great technological change, and for years have been at the forefront of every new gadget, app, or social media platform.  As a result, they’ve become accustomed to adapting and utilizing every new innovation (Zimmerman, 2016). But have they been doing so effectively?

When social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. began, they were more for social interaction and not so much for marketing.  With the unimaginable growth of all the most popular social media companies, it now becomes crucial for millennials to take advantage of the marketing potential found within. Especially in a time when most of this generation is either in the early stages of, or just beginning their careers (Zimmerman, 2016)

This is all highlighted in an article written by Kaytie Zimmerman called “5 Ways Millennials Can Use Social Media To Advance Their Careers.” According to Russ Fradin (quoted in the article), CEO of Dynamic Digital, the 5 areas to focus on are:

  • “Building long-term relationships
  • Creating professional accounts
  • Setting up social listening alerts
  • Posting meaningful content, and
  • Being consistent”

It not only becomes critical for millennials to be active on social media, but businesses as well.  Creating more relationships, can create more business.  For more information, and the video related to the article, click on the picture below


Credit: Pexels.com