How Not to Launch a New Product

As part of my graduate experience, I’ve been challenged with coming up with new innovative product ideas, and the marketing plans that will help them to succeed.  However, my peers and I have never had to do a real product launch and for that reason I wanted to provide the perspective of a real life professional.

In the article by Geoff Cunningham Jr, he talks about how differentiation is the key to launching a really successful product.  The typical marketing factors (distribution, manufacturing, etc.) are also important but if you’re going to separate yourself from the competition and attract a following you must differentiate. To do so, he says marketers must ignore these three mindsets:

-“We are leaving out (fill in the blank) important audience.”

“What if we alienate or anger this or that brand/person with our new brand?”

“Our product is better than XYZ product and we need to tell them all the reasons why.”


Source: Hubspot

The importance of differentiation for marketers lies within the word itself, “different.” It’s necessary for marketers to do away with the thought process that Cunningham speaks of in his article because it will allow them to stand out and get the attention of their audience.  For more on this article, click the author’s name above or for another perspective from Hubspot, click the above picture.


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